MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Find out more about the ZO Blade Irons Irons from KzG. Each model is a different head size but can be ‘mixed and matched’ to create a seamless set. - Ed Remaley, “The KZG CB-III Forged Irons are great! Thanks Henny! Where’s the love for the new Titleist’s? Double forged from soft S20C carbon steel featuring high polished nickel chrome plating. Awesome list of clubs, Some of the Mizuno’s I owned MS5, TP11 still hold fond memories as do the Maxfli Australian Blades and the original John Letters Master Model. 14’s and ZO’s are still some of the best performing blades in my opinion. Thanks for your comments!!! Hit a Mac Scot Tourney 50’s possibly stainless model at a range once, amazing feel! $74.95. It is designed for golfers requiring tour performance, extensive workability and strong feedback. I have an old set of Palmer Forged “the Standard” blades sitting around. The were very low COG which made them very easy to hit for a blade. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. $24.99 shipping. I have the KZG forged cavity backs and honestly, I feel that the forged blades are more forgiving. They aren’t BLADES!!! Each model is a different head size but can be ‘mixed and matched’ to create a seamless set. There are 35 different ones listed. Just click on any of them…we have done the searching for you. I have not had a chance to hit them yet…but will be soon. Book your fitting appointment today. I am done looking, I have bought my last set of clubs. It also features modern lofts, bendable hosel, progressive offset and seamless bounce makeup. Get the best deals on KZG Golf Clubs when you shop the largest online selection at Makes it all worth while. How did you do it?" Fair enough. Model Loft Lie Length; KZG Blades 1 Iron: 15.00° 59.00° 40.000″ KZG Blades 2 Iron: 18.00° 59.50° 39.500″ KZG Blades 3 Iron: 21.00° 60.00° 39.000″ KZG Blades 4 Iron Classic profile with a thin topline and minimal offset. This is the online application where we store all fitting reports, e.g. I agree with the Spaulding Gene Littler, loved the “hard” feel on those soft balata balls. I have been unable to find out much about the history of them or what they may be worth. makes a change to see only a couple of sets from the big boys which rule the market, mass produced, bring a set out every 2 weeks… .love the japanese clubs! Best blade ever, I agree.I discovered these irons at the goodwill store. Now you may have to be a low single digit handicapper to get the full performance out of these irons I listed above, but I will tell you when I was a 10-12 handicap I decided to put MP-29;s in my bag and doing that with a lot of practice I went from that level a player to a low single digit player. In order to run the game on at least Low settings, Taleworlds believes you’ll need at least a GeForce GTX 660 , or a Radeon HD 7850, or an Intel UHD Graphics 630 for your GPU/video card. $12.99 shipping. got them for next to nothing and they actually send the ball to the spot you are hitting at almost every time. 16062, glide-thru sole, designed by Dr. Cary Middlecoff. They were the first irons TM sold. At Wiz Golf, the search for the perfect ball flight never ends. KZG’s well known ZO Blade is the ultimate player's club. Curated photos, videos and reviews to help you choose the best golf equipment. I just picked up a set in great condition and they are the bomb! The deep perimeter weighting coupled with a wide stable sole assures forgiveness and accuracy. The progressive offset helps players hit the longer irons and KZG's tight tolerances assure the perfect weight increments throughout the set. Prishistorik, statistik och insikter för KZG Forged ZO Blade Irons. Dude you guys have the best damn golf site on the web. KZG Forged Irons. The cavity medallion offers vibration dampening. As unknown as they are those that have discovered these gems adore them. KZG’s Blades are designed for the elite player looking for increased control and performance. $39.99. Good call on the Daiwa’s! Very nice forged set. I suggest adding the Maxfli Australian Blade. Each model is a different head size but can be ‘mixed and matched’ to create a seamless set. ive played taylormade icw5, ,mizuno mp14 ,wilson fg17 , jack nicklaus murfield, top flight, kgz,wilson sam snead signature,,titleist 660 ,,and peterson blades ,, after trying all of the above ,,with the murfields being the best then the mp 14s,coming in a close second, i now play a set of pga cameron blades and these are the best by far as far as distance accuracy and feel ,, i can hit them high low ,, fade draw and straight ,, try out a set and you will never look back ,, GUARANTEED ! MacGregor VIPs (re-introduced in the mid 80s). Set will be delivered in a few days and it looks divine from the pics though. Does anyone know where I could get those in Left Hand? This is a list of technical articles that help you understand a little more about how the various specifications of the equipment may affect your game. Will come with 2 to PW and a 58 degree wedge as well. That same head model has been sold with several different name stampings. The oversized heads with modern lofts are easy to hit and generate greater distance. I can’t believe you have all these modern cavity backs (however good they are) and have ignored some of the classics. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... Kzg Forged Blade 4 Iron Flex Steel 0690280 Right Handed Golf Club. The ZO Blades are a solid no-nonsense blade not unlike the old Wilson Staffs. The Redlines are a nice set. Thanks. Three different M-Series Iron models are currently available: the ME-I, MA-I and MO-I. Taking a break on Public Holiday Traditionalists will enjoy the thin top line and classically shaped head. Just bought a set of john letters master model blades,sexist club I’ve seen yet, Best feeling blades are the John Letters Master Model, been playing with a set for over 30 years and they still feel as good as new MkIV Gary Player. The EC-II Irons are designed for the low-to-mid handicap player and are a spinoff of KZG's popular Forged Evolution Irons. The following iron specification information has been compiled from product brochures, golf magazines, and from inquiries to the manufacturers. Both are brilliant blades. By positioning over 19 different layers within the shaft, UST was able to create a design that outperforms the best steel shafts in the market. These include the following: Here is a sample of the build log we maintain for our clients. my favorite blades ever are the spalding gene littler synchro dyned irons from 1958/1959.thats what i play. Name: ZO Blades. The MA-I irons are designed for the avid player. they are beautiful with clean lines and set up beautifuly behind the ball ,, dont force them and you will be amazed ,, !!! For example, a mid handicap player who struggles with his long irons may opt for the MO-I in #4-6 and MA-I in #7-PW. It offers the feel, shot shaping, and distance control expected of a forging, but with more forgiveness attributed to the oversized head. or Best Offer. That would be good to know. KZG is the best buy for perfectly fit and tour built golf clubs. I have also seen them with an Epon stamping on them. tim- This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, 2019 Epic Flash Star Womens Driver 13.5° Ladies/Right, Cleveland Hi-Bore Hybrid 3 Hybrid Mens/LEFT, (your email address will not be published), Reader to Reader – Bobby Jones Black Lineup Review, Community Review – TaylorMade Spider SI Putter, Cobra BiO Cell Irons – A MyGolfSpy Community Review, Callaway Golf – Names New CEO (Chip Brewer), WE TRIED IT – Golf Pride Concept Helix Grip, First Look: Limited-Edition PING PLD Prime Tyne 4 Putter, WE TRIED IT – Boot Buddy Ultimate Boot Cleaning Tool, 2020 Most Wanted Super Game Improvement Iron, Srixon ZX Irons: Mainframe Goes Mainstream, Cobra RAD Speed Drivers – Just in Time for the Masters, Shot Scope Case Study: Distribution of Driver Distance,, Three different M-Series Iron models are currently available: the ME-I, MA-I and MO-I. I’m currently playing J33 Combo’s and love them. I recently learned that these were the same irons Tiger Woods played with for much of his amateur career. Excellent choices- have the 3 plus the following, which are in the same ball park- Have you played with them? i dont know if they’re special or not, but they felt great (or awful, if you missed), and taught me alot about how to play- namely patience, satisfaction. You can’t go wrong with the Titleist 681’s or the Mizuno MP-29’s and you could add the TM 2003-4 RAC MB’s to that list as well. Dude, where’s Miura? Cool huh? The Evolution II has leading edges that are slightly softer, top lines that are slightly thinner and lofts that are two degrees stronger than the original Evolution. I have been looking everywhere online and can’t find them. MENU. plus, Nick Price and Tom Watson combined for a bunch of majors playing these – look ’em up, (I second the vote for Maxfli Aussie Blades, also, btw – fantastic forgings). The KZG ZO blades were made by Kyoei Golf in Japan. Ralph Maltby rates them as way easier to hit than most of these yet it looks like a blade. Well, the secret is starting to get out. I believe the 901 irons were made by either Miura, or Ishibara foundaries, which are both top notch. Buttery Smooth 11 Clubs KZG Forged ZO Iron Set 2-LW DG S300 XRS Wedges 5i 38" $599.99. Make Offer - KZG CH-II Fairway 3 Wood, 5 Wood, 7 Wood & 9 Wood J084. They are designed specifically for the avid player... up to a 7 handicap. I THINK YOU MISSED A FEW.WILSON IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE.FG-17-51- 69 BULLET BACKS AND 63 TURFRIDER SOLES.THEY WERE IN THE HANDS OF SOME OF THE TOP BALL STRIKERS ON THE PLANET.DESIGNED AND MADE RIGHT HERE IN THE USA. Dealer Resources; Stay Updated. Wiz Golf Performance Centre was founded to help golfers of all skill levels to take advantage of technologies, products, materials and methods in clubfitting and optimisation so that you have one thing less to worry and focus on enjoying the game. 10 watching. The Forged Tour Evolutions are the ideal blend of both workability and forgiveness. Average Handicap: Reviews of KZG ZO Blades - Iron (Post a Review) - No reviews have been posted. KZGs Forged Evolution Irons are an elite player's cavity-back club. That same head model has been sold with several different name stampings. A little slow responding….sorry, work and all. Played them last season with Nippon shafts with excellent results. Would different shafts help? Here is a secret-weapon that is only in Beta testing right now…you will be the first person to see it. I like the 690MB…next time we will expand the list. The Founders 200s remind me of the KZG ZOs. this will send you an email whenever a set pops up on EBAY at whatever price you want to pay. I had those. what many people dont appreciate unless you play them is how good of a chipper you will become with thin soled and dense club heads. probably purchased in ’60-’62. Learn how your comment data is processed. The result is a competitive player's dream set of irons. If I could have my pick of those shown I think I’d go for the Epon Technica Pros or the Mizuno MP-14s. Finish is a beautiful satin and available in both RH and LH from #3-9, PW (see more detailed specs … Golfers looking for a soft consistent feel in their irons, with extra forgiveness, will love the CB-III. The loft and weight distribution of each head is carefully managed to provide exceptional trajectory and distance control, offering the … They would look new. How about the Srixon I-302’s. The M-Series Irons are triple forged for an incredibly soft feel and CNC milled for precision accuracy. gorgeous satin finish with gold inlays. It is very accurate, the ball flight is high and it stops on the dot. I won my club’s championship with them for the one and only time so, admittedly, I am biased. + Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. If true, it’s about the only thing we have in common dammit. I have a set of the Northwester TW 276 blades 2-PW which are in fantastic shape. With just one swing with your CB III irons I was sold – what a difference from the ‘beater’ set of clubs I had been taking to the range. Miura MB001 Tournament Blade is now available! The J33 cbs you showed aren’t even the J33Bs, which are a nice looking blade. The EC-IIs progress from a mid-size cavity back in the long irons to a muscle back in the wedges. Saturday & Sunday: 10am to 6pm take care! 2nd place, MacGregor MT Tourney TR2A. Seller doesn’t have much info to share but would love love to hear from you about performance and around what year it was brought to market. A sweet, blade design is a perfect showcase of designer’s work and a powerful instrument to build up a companies reputation. We provide a full range of repair and retrofit services. DG S-300 with high kick gives a good boring flight helping on distance control. -, PubLinks Golfer Magazine - Players Choice and Best Feel. The large cavity back head provides outstanding forgiveness on off-center hits. I can’t believe you guys haven’t included Mizuno’s MP-37’s on this list? They look like of like KZG zero offset, but they are softer mild steel with a thick layer of watt nickel on the face and then a layer of hard nickel chrome, which gives them an extra soft feel.

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