Our intelligent solution will turbo-charge the effectiveness of phish simulation and training while simplifying administration and reporting. Get started. Download now . Minimal-risk employees are advocates for IT security – they understand and report security threats and breaches. As a SANS partner, CIS is offering extremely competitiveÂ. For more resources to help you through these times, Microsoft’s Secure Remote Work Page for the latest information. Training templates. Learn. SANS End User Training includes specially designed training modules developed by top SANS instructors and over 70 leading industry experts. SANS Security Awareness End User Training, https://www.sans.org/security-awareness-training/products/end-user, Purchase or Request a Free Demo of SANS Security Awareness End User Training, Center for Internet Security (CIS) Celebrates 20th Anniversary, 2019 Center for Internet Security Year in Review. Quick start. Collaborate. Security Awareness Training for Employees . The end goal is for security awareness to be a two-way partnership between the end user and the company and something end users do without thinking about it. Work at home may happen on unmanaged and shared devices, over insecure networks, and in unauthorized or non-compliant apps. This ensures that your users are engaged during the training to better retain these critical skills. Deploying quick and effective end-user training to empower your remote workforce is one of the ways Microsoft can help customers work productively and securely through COVID-19. Click a session below to sign up. This video is designed for end-users of the Barracuda Email Security Service. For those of you ready to deploy training right now, access your kit here. The solution will create and recommend context-specific and hyper-targeted simulations, enabling you to customize your simulations to mimic real threats seen in different business contexts and train users based on their risk level. Our partnership combines Microsoft’s leading-edge technology, expansive platform capabilities, and unparalleled threat insights with Terranova Security’s market-leading expertise, human-centric design and pedagogical rigor. To view our training classes on your own time, visit our on-demand end-user training. SANS End User Training offers a comprehensive data security awareness program for your organization that specifically targets the primary challenges in building a successful security awareness program: motivating your employees to change their behavior and understand the value of social engineering protection. The kit includes videos, interactive courses, posters, and infographics like the one below. But choosing topics, producing engaging content, and managing delivery can be challenging, sucking up time and resources. Security awareness training. Home • Cybersecurity Services • CIS CyberMarket • Training • SANS Security Awareness End User Training. Unlimited usage of self-branded supplemental training support materials (e-newsletters, posters, and screensavers) is included in the purchase price. We follow-up with additional social engineering attempts including more “phishing” emails to determine how well the training worked. Online classes, presentations, whatever, to build a full security awareness training? Collaborate in teams and channels. Teams knowledge check. Training & Development. It’s important to educate employees on the importance of protecting sensitive information and what malicious threats to look out for. The kit includes videos, interactive courses, posters, and infographics like the one below. No other organization boasts a similar depth or range of cybersecurity expertise. I know end user education is an important part of your jobs. Usage: Annual and new-hire security awareness training. Manage team schedules with Shifts. Take end-user security awareness and training to a new level. By their nature, credit cards contain their users’ sensitive personal data — data which cybercriminals are all too eager to steal. We Have More Than 1,000 Employees As a large enterprise, managing a security awareness training program is challenging: buy-in from management and employees, measuring effectiveness and ROI, user management, and that’s just for starters. In addition to the rapid dissolution of corporate perimeters, the threat environment is evolving rapidly as malicious actors take advantage of the current situation to mount coronavirus-themed attacks. Tip: You can find end user Phish Alert training modules in the ModStore. Follow the simple steps, detailed in the README, to deploy the awareness kits to your remote workforce. As the bad actors find more ways to bypass network security , it becomes the responsibility of the end user , or the human firewall, to recognize and stop attacks before they can cause damage on the network. Microsoft Intune helps you enable your workforce with mobile devices while protecting your corporate data. Video updates are simply short videos that give end users quick, actionable direction on security topics in a fun and interactive format. To request a free demo or purchase SANS End User Training, please visit:Â, To learn more about SANS End User Training, please visit:Â, If you have any questions about this procurement, feel free to contact the CIS CyberMarket team at 518-880-0770 or emailÂ. 06/01/2018; 3 minutes to read; In this article . Special pricing for buying SANS End User Training outside of the deep-discount buy window is available; please contact us with questions. One way to tackle this large project is to look for security training needs that are common across the organization. Join Now. Healthcare and Life Sciences. To address this need, CIS is proud to partner with the SANS Institute to offer our members SANS Security Awareness End User Training. Microsoft 365 Adoption Tools. On-demand end-user training. Microsoft Security and Compliance. How to educate your end users about Microsoft Intune. Create approvals. The program can be tailored to the distinctive cybersecurity needs of your organization, allowing for the inclusion of 39 different compliance training modules that cover data security regulations specific to your organization and industry. You can use these materials to train your remote employees quickly and easily. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Microsoft is a leader in cybersecurity, and we embrace our responsibility to make the world a safer place. MVP … What is Microsoft Teams? For existing employees, perform simulating phishing for a percentage of the user base each month until all employees have been tested. Enabling Remote Work. Say hello to Microsoft Teams. For Security Professionals, we have created a simple way to host and deliver the training material within your own environment or direct your users to the Microsoft 365 security portal, where the training are hosted as seen below. You need a security awareness training program that can be deployed in minutes, protects your network and actually starts saving you time. Premier Field Engineering. Get going quickly and easily with Microsoft 365 video training. Password Security; Social Engineering; Physical Security; Data Disposal; Safe Networks ; Malicious Software; Password Security. Based upon that analysis, we provide follow-on training as needed. Learn what's possible with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Microsoft Learn. Small and Medium Business. If you are interested in bundling this purchase with other SANS products, please contact us for details on what can and cannot be bundled. Public Sector. Community to share and get the latest about Microsoft Learn . Other end users and consultants may view training content that interests them but are not eligible for certification. As security professionals, we can empower our colleagues to protect themselves and their companies. COVID-19 has rapidly transformed how we all work. 5 questions that will help you select open source software and 4 recommendations to smooth the internal approval process. Get up to speed in no time with these popular guides. Unilever Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Bobby Ford embraces the…. To test out the Intune deployment in your organization, you can try a free trial. Humans of IT. Learner Experience (LX) Videos for End Users. Driving Adoption . Do your best work together. End User Security Awareness. Start chats and calls . Our Cybersecurity Awareness Kit now makes available a subset of this user-training material relevant to COVID-19 scenarios to aid security professionals tasked with training their newly remote workforces. Cybersecurity safety habits should not be considered common knowledge, and businesses should work to make sure their employees, from top-level executives down to new hires and temps, receive the proper training, arming them with the tools … Microsoft Teams video training. With SANS awareness training and services, organizations large and small are enabled to become their own shield to defend against any cyber attack. SANS End User Training provides the complete solution you need to ensure that your non-technical employees are effectively equipped to confront the data security problems and threats that uniquely affect your organization. Set up and attend live events. In today’s business world, end-user security awareness – while not foolproof – is critical in bolstering a company’s overall security posture. WinHEC Online. It will automate simulation management from end to end, providing robust analytics to inform the next cycle of simulations and enable rich reporting. Organizations need quick and effective user security and awareness training to address the swiftly changing needs of the new normal for many of us. Brand Representative for Varonis. S2 systems integrators and end users covered by S2 Black Support are eligible for S2 Certification. Browse tips. This unique program provides flexible online training that your staff can complete on their own schedule, at their own pace, and from the comfort of their own workstation. Quick Starts. Admins will see the option to download the kit as well. At RSA 2020 this year, we announced our partnership with Terranova Security, to deliver integrated phish simulation and user training in Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection later this year. All authenticated Microsoft 365 users will be able to access the training on the portal. Our close partnership with SANS allows CIS to provide your organization the opportunity to purchase this and other essential information security training tools at a steep discount, making them the ideal cost-effective solution to your organization’s training needs. 5. Security training can be done in multiple ways, including online classes or video training for new employees, and as part of staff or team meetings for ongoing awareness training. You will be surprised to learn how much your end users actually have in common, despite the differences in their job descriptions. video. Next: I want to go to school. Deploy. The next deep-discount purchasing window for SANS End User Training is from, $3,240 minimum order for 1 year of training for up to 1,200 users; $2.70 per user after that, $5,994 minimum order for 2 years of training for up to 1,200 users; $5.00 per user after that. Security Awareness Training Videos. Description: Best practices every end-user and employee should know to help reduce risk of malware infection and company breach. Walkie Talkie, Tasks and Praise. Try our product suite of interactive training modules, awareness videos, and customizable security awareness materials. Watch the whole series here or scroll down for more details. For more details, read on. Advice from the RSA 2020 panel discussion, Open Source: Promise, Perils and the Path Ahead. The hands-on demo shows the message log of ESS and how to view encrypted messages via the message center. They identify weaknesses found in many passwords and demonstrate how attackers can … These world-leading authorities have identified the most critical threats and developed a quality curriculum to teach an end user the appropriate behaviors to take when faced with security risks. To ensure the proper safety and security of your employees’ and customers’ vital private data, as well as total compliance with the complex regulations that govern your industry, it is crucial that your employees be well-versed in information security. Empowering technologists to achieve more by humanizing tech. You can use these materials to train your remote employees quickly and easily. Education Sector. To help our customers deploy user training quickly, easily and effectively, we are announcing the availability of the Microsoft Cybersecurity Awareness Kit, delivered in partnership with Terranova Security. Educating the end user and eliminating the biggest security risk 'The most effective way the CIO can deliver practical and memorable education is to make it real' When weighing up the biggest security hazards to an organisation, it may come as a surprise to discover that the end user within the organisation is often the first to compromise security. Getting Started with KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training for SSO Users Getting Started with Cyber Hero Training for SSO Users. https://www.sans.org/security-awareness-training/video-month Dynamic content, including interactive videos and multi-level quizzes, helps engage learners and increases the impact of lessons. Start now. announced our partnership with Terranova Security, is providing free training material for end-users, Imagine showing up to work every day knowing that your job requires protecting 160,000 employees creating more than 450 products around the world—tea, ice cream, personal care, laundry and dish soaps—across a customer base of more than two and a half billion people every day. Getting Started with KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training Getting Started with Cyber Hero Training Badges Leaderboard Editing Your Profile. Set up and customize your team. Save time with tips Work smarter and get more out of your Office apps. Join us for this 30-minute orientation to discover what Teams is and to see it in action. Public and private organizations – and the sensitive personal information of their employees and customers – have become prime targets for cyber criminals. CIS is proud to partner with SANS, an international leader in designing and delivering comprehensive cybersecurity training programs. SANS End User Training is available in 33 different languages to provide effective security training for all your international employees and contractors. S2 Security offers online training to systems integrator technicians, end users and consultants. Episode Description; Transcript; In this episode, Daniel and Don examine the characteristics that make up a high quality password. Manage meetings. by Kim (Varonis) on Oct 11, 2016 at 18:06 UTC. The new environment has put cybersecurity decision-making in the hands of remote employees. When you create end user security training and teach cybersecurity awareness you are reducing your risks. End-user training is more effective and memorable if you tailor it to your own organization's use of the software, rather than generic lessons. SANS End User Training offers a comprehensive data security awareness program for your organization that specifically targets the primary challenges in building a successful security awareness program: motivating your employees to change their behavior and understand the value of social engineering protection. SANS' team of cybersecurity experts, content specialists, and customer success specialists understand the challenges organizations face and how to overcome them. I'm looking for more than just phising and web security, I'm thinking why you don't tell a caller when the trash guy comes in or what AV software we use, why you don't hold open the door for people, total security awareness geared for the end user. You can now purchase SANS End User Training through CIS CyberMarket at a dramatically discounted rate. 35 M. Free Preview. The following are some security awareness training best practices needs your users most likely share. Password Best Practices. Videos … Our Cybersecurity Awareness Kit now makes available a subset of this user-training material relevant to COVID-19 scenarios to aid security professionals tasked with training their newly remote workforces. Cyber security training videos shouldn’t be too long and IT directors should focus on creating content that will hold people’s interest, Rinaldi adds. How do we ensure all employees are minimal risk? All Microsoft 365 customers can access the kit and directions on the Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Center through this link. Today we are excited to announce the general availability of Microsoft 365 Records Management, which can help organizations to secure and govern their most critical data. Featured image for Unilever CISO on balancing business risks with cybersecurity, Unilever CISO on balancing business risks with cybersecurity, Featured image for Build support for open source in your organization, Build support for open source in your organization, Featured image for Data governance matters now more than ever, Data governance matters now more than ever, Organizations need quick and effective user security and awareness training, the threat environment is evolving rapidly as malicious. Customer Advisory Team. This program thoroughly addresses the standards set forth by the CIS Controls, an all-inclusive set of recommended actions established by a diverse community of government and industry practitioners to defend against common cyber attacks. If you are not a Microsoft 365 customer or would like to share the training with family and friends who are not employees of your organization, Terranova Security is providing free training material for end-users. Thanks In addition to the constant threat of cyber attacks, many organizations are held to stringent regulatory and compliance guidelines regarding the documentation and storage of confidential information. Explore apps and tools. Upload and find files. This is "SettlementOne - End User On-Boarding FCRA & GLBA Security Training" by SettlementOne on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people… Work with posts and messages. Our customers need immediate deployable and context-specific security training. Free end user security training videos from Troy Hunt. Every end user is then provided a 30-minute online training course. End-user security awareness training is a must-have There are lots of different ways to keep users up to date on the latest security risks and how they should be … Intro to Microsoft Teams.
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