View Menu. Updating review: had them recently and the donuts were packed with cream and filling. when you have a chick at the beach, and your fuckin her. Cinnamon roll. Coconut. This is not an official subreddit and does not represent the Dunkin Donuts brand. A subreddit for discussion on all things Dunkin Donuts. There are 380 calories in 1 donut of Dunkin' Donuts Crumb Cake Donut. Once the donuts are cool enough to handle, dunk them in the glaze and press the crumb mixture all over them. white cake donut, covered in glaze, rolled in a blend of powdered sugar, cinnamon, and crumble. You should give it a try. Press J to jump to the feed. I wish they would open a location in Center City Philadelphia! … Go head to Warminster and grab yourself some tasty donuts- you will not regret it! A Dutch crumb and a latte on Sunday morning makes me a happy woman! Spoon or pipe batter into prepared donut pan. Elvis Delight Filled with our peanut butter crème & topped with banana & sprinkled with bacon. The perfect companion to a cup of coffee in the morning or as a sweet treat at night! Submit corrections. Head to the diet generator and enter the number of calories you want. This donut will leave you scratching your head! Salted Caramel. Remove and let cool. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Top each donut with 1 ½ Tablespoons of crumb topping. Line with cupcake liners or grease with nonstick spray. View Menu. Do you guys know about Fasnacht Day? Crumb Donut. Want to use it in a meal plan? Breakfast has never been more delicious! Bake for 13–15 minutes, until set and slightly golden. I'm currently having an argument as to whether or not it actually exists. YUM YUMS Donuts are the best donuts I ever had million times better then dunkin donuts. Whether it's the White Lightning or Dutch Crumb, Yum Yum continually knocks it out of the park. Total Time 30 mins. Great donut, the filled crumb donuts just can't compare. For the espresso glaze: These mini Apple Pies with Donut Crumb are a mixture of two apple classics and a coffee break staple. Appl Caramel Pecan Elvis Delight. Was like a glazed donut covered in cinnamon sugar. I love yum yums. I find it nearly impossible to leave there without buying at least 1 dozen donuts and eating two in the car on the way home. Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet chocolate bar halvah carrot cake donut. Calories, carbs, fat, protein, fiber, cholesterol, and more for Crumb Cake Donut (Dunkin' Donuts). Great place, super fast service. It makes a great birthday dessert for donut lovers as it feeds 10-12 people and is incredibly delicious. Baked in a donut pan. While the donuts bake in the oven, stir together a quick vanilla glaze and mix up the chocolate streusel crumbs. If you are looking for a donut to split with others, the Big Kahuna will not disappoint. Use a spoon and add the batter to the donut pan until each mold is about 3/4 full. I did speak to the girl working there and said they should put a yum yums near Bustleton and street road for people coming from Philly. Cool donuts in pan 5 minutes, then turn out onto cooling rack to cool completely. Celebrate, commiserate or inform but try to keep it light. The Dutch Crumb is a must if you like cake donuts. I've been coming here for years and Yum Yum never fails to be the freshest and most delicious tasting donuts I've ever had. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DunkinDonuts community. Apple pie meets apple crisp meets cinnamon donut. Dutch Crumb. Yum Yums is my favorite spot to grab donuts and I love their bagels and iced coffee.The staff are always so friendly and happy to serve their customers! Donuts with filling have generous portions of filling, with the French apple donut being my favorite filled donut. Course: Breakfast. : Calorie breakdown: 47% fat, 48% carbs, 4% protein. I dont think u can go wrong with any Yum Yum donut. I'm not sure how you obtained this donut but to be honest our employees don't really give a shit about their jobs and was probably sent out by accident. It is so delicious and flavorful that you'll wonder how it could possibly be diary-free, grain-free and refined sugar-free! I would recommend this donut shop and would suggest you get either the vanilla cream, Dutch crumb, glazed or even the Dutch apple! The mini pie cups are filled with sweet apple pie filling and topped with a crumbled mixture of donut and butter, then baked to a sweet treat perfection. Those are my favorites. Glazed Crumb Donuts - a moist cakey donut topped with crumbs and covered with a sweet glaze. Want to chime in. you take out your cock, dip it in the sand, and put it back in her pussy.. crumb donut Add crumb topping to anything and you are sure to get a few smiles. Vanilla Fruity Pebbles. Bake … A dusting of powdered sugar is all the adornment they need. Anytime someone has a birthday at work, they always request Yum Yum! Lapp’s Gourmet Donuts Chocolate M&M Cake Donut $ 1.25 Add to cart. Chocolate Pecan. Lemon filled. Crumb Donut. I'm currently having an argument as to whether or not it actually exists. Customers, Employees, Connoisseurs and Executive Chefs are all welcome. Meanwhile, make the crumb topping: In a small saucepan over medium-low heat, melt 3 tablespoons butter. Salted Caramel filled. Once you try a Yum Yum donut, you'll never want to go anywhere else. Forget your cares and worries with scrumptious goodies from our donut shop. Why settle for just crumb cake or a donut when you can have both! I was thinking it may be similar to a graham cracker crust recipe. We also offer a wide variety of beverages, including hot and cold coffees, lattes, and other espresso-based drinks. And I am DOWN for some cinnamon crumb cake. ; Sugar– Just a little sugar goes a long way in this easy apple pie recipe. Dutch Crumb A soft cake donut covered in glaze & dipped in powdered sugar, sprinkled with fresh cinnamon. Top with crumb topping. They also have chocolate thunder which is chocolate iced with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate cream in the middle/ you can not go wrong with all that chocolatey goodness! Yum Yum Bake Shops is known for fresh (baked twice a day), high quality baked goods combined with friendly service. Low Carb, Sugar/Grain/Gluten Free, & THM S. Cook Time 10 mins. do you have any memories of eating it? Yum Yum honestly puts places like Dunkin and Krispy Kreme to shame. Dutch Crumb. I LOVE THIS DONUT!! Specialties: Gourmet donuts, cupcakes, waffles, and more! If dough has covered the hole in the baking pan take a butter knife and carefully push the dough back towards the donut while in the baking pan. I know they would make so much money if they did open another shop closer to Philly because I know a lot of people that come here for their donuts. 8 Devil's Food Crumb Donuts We've taken our delectable Devil’s Food donuts and topped them with Devil's Food Crumbs to create a mouthwatering mix you can dunk in your coffee or enjoy by the forkful. Keep scrolling to see how simple these easy baked donuts are. Established in 2017. A doughnut or donut (the latter spelling often seen in American English and Canadian English) (IPA: / d oʊ n ə t /) is a type of fried dough confection or dessert food. Crumb baked donuts norine s nest crumb cake donuts sally s baking addiction crumb cake donuts sally s baking addiction vegan crumb donut cookies where you get your protein recipes Whether you serve them for breakfast or dessert, this Easy Cinnamon Crumb Donut Recipe Made with a Pancake Mix are sure to be a HUGE hit! We support general discussion of Donuts whatever their source. Dutch Crumb. I been coming here for years and I wouldn't stop coming here for any other donut spot. The perfect match for a cup of coffee with your weekend paper or on-the-go for a busy Monday morning. Keyword: baked donuts, breakfast, brunch, crumb donuts, peach donuts. What is the best way to make a basic crumb covering for doughnuts? Serve immediately. ; Flour– The flour will help the apple pie filling set easier. So please, people who have been lifelong fans of dunkin donuts, help prove me them wrong and show to my friends I'm not actually insane. Halvah apple pie apple pie brownie donut cheesecake. Crumb Donut Recipe. Donut Flavors. Apple-Crumb Donut Dunkin definitely nailed the apple flavor in this, though it's more "gas station apple pie" than homemade. ; Salt– The salt balances the sweetness of the pie. We also love smooth classic coffee, tasty baked goods and savoury sandwiches too! I got the doughnut part down, but not the crumb. Does anyone remember the Dutch crumb donut? Dutch Crumb. All of our donuts, bagels, muffins, cupcakes, and brownies are made on the premises. Created in a dark dungeon 2 miles under the earth's crust it went under the strict testing you know and love at dunkin. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Elvis Delight. Unfortunately the sugar bread crumbs were deemed too calorie dense by the epa and the project was abandoned. Learn how you can help … 1 downfall is their location isn't convenient it's about half hour away. white cake donut, covered in glaze, rolled in coconut flakes. Our "tried and true" blueberry donut is our second best selling donut because of its established flavor. I guess it really depends on who is working and how crowded the place is because on this day--- there weren't as many people in the shop and I got in and out very quickly and the donuts were packed. Their powdered cream donut is my favorite donut and their dutch crumb donut reminds me of when I was a a child because there used to be a twin donuts on torresdale avenue that made the same donut so this brings back so many memories and brings back the tasty flavors that used to melt in my mouth.I also had their iced coffee and their breakfast sandwiches which are really delicious. I haven't seen this doonut in years, i think 2007 was the last time i saw it btw, anyway yeah I used to eat a whole crap ton of these when I was on a naval base in florida and I've seen them at some Dunkin shops overseas. Help the Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue. We are constantly transitioning from a standard donut shop to a sweet treats shop with an exciting selection of donuts, cupcakes and waffles. Vanilla Pecan. Or is it a type that does not need to be baked? Make donut muffins in your standard 12-cup muffin pan. When I tell others about Yum Yums- they are satisfied and craving more! Which basically means that this is a recipe for a cinnamon crumb cake, baked in a donut pan. For the sour cream apple pie filling you will need the following ingredients: 9-inch pie crust-Either store bought or homemade.Make sure you press your pie crust into a deep 9-inch pie plate. Their powdered cream donut is my favorite donut and their dutch crumb donut reminds me of when I was a a child because there used to be a twin donuts on torresdale avenue that made the same donut so this brings back so many memories and brings back the tasty flavors that used to melt in my mouth.
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